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About Coach E.

Meet Coach E.

Coach Elena Green is Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Certified Nutritionist.


She is the founder of EG Fitness, a virtual Health & Fitness platform that helps women achieve sustainable fat-loss through fitness and nutrition and the application of simple science.


She has received world wide recognition for her personal weight-loss success of losing 120LBS naturally, as well as the transformation success that her platform EGFIT has made in hundreds of women live's around the world.

Coach E. has been featured in the leading #1 Health Magazine for women, "WOMENS HEALTH" where she's inspired women around the globe to take their health back. Being a mom of 5, she knows first hand the challenges that come with maintaining your personal health and fitness goals while being pulled in a million directions.


This is why her simple and sustainable scientific approach to weight-loss has been so successful in helping women of all ages experience a complete transformation both mind and body.


We invite you to join Coach E. and the amazing women of Tribe EGFIT.


Your tribe awaits you!

Coach Elena Green
Coach Elena Green
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